Sunday, March 14, 2010

Red Pepper Trendsetter

For the past little while my younger kids have insisted on taking a "home lunch" to school. Abby loves having raw veggies in her lunch packed along side a small container of salad dressing or hummus. Sometimes the dressing is homemade, sometimes purchased. Travis refuses to take anything "uncool". He IS in 8th grade after all. Abby has no qualms, however, with eating what SHE wants rather than worrying what her friends think. That attitude has not gone without some taunting and teasing as she has pulled cucumber sticks, radishes, and red peppers strips out of her lunch bag. She has endured this for many months now.

Last week justice was served. When Abby walked in the front door after school she satisfactorily declared that Annie, Edith, and Penelope (names have been changed to protect the innocent) ALL brought red pepper strips to school that day--complete with dipping sauce. The very girls who gave her grief actually adopted her style.

I love my 5th grade lunchroom trendsetter!


Jennilyn said...

She reminds me of your dad--gourmet, food appreciator. I treasure the things he taught me about loving good food, and how to seek out good sources of nutrition for the enjoyment and pleasure of it.

There is a great SF story--can't think of name of book right now--about a girl who starts trends, people copy her, and then she stops when everyone is doing it and she starts something new. Fashion, food, attitude. We rub off on each other. Mimic. Copy and call our own. There is power in example. I hope Abby remembers how powerful she is.

Fine Art by Jennifer said...

Go Abby! Alice does that too. She'll take leftovers that get a lot of looks. But she enjoys it!

Deb said...

I like the picture of the pepper. Did you take it? I think it's a nice one.

I wish I could get my younger kids to eat better. Thanks for the example!

Julie said...

I did take the picture. Thanks!

Rachel said...

I particularly like the name Penelope.