Friday, March 5, 2010

Kellie is 20!

Happy Birthday Kellie!

Twenty years ago today Kellie was born at 1:38 pm in Berkeley, CA. She was my only baby born au naturale.

(Kellie at 1 month)

Kellie brings calm.
(Kellie age 2)

Kellie makes me laugh.
Kellie age 3

Kellie is patience.
(Kellie's first soccer season, age 5)

Kellie is brilliant.
(Halloween, age 7, Who would have thought she would REALLY pursue chemistry?)

Kellie is pure joy.
(Kellie, now, second from left, with her two sisters and I)

I love you, Kellie. No words can express the joy I have had of being your mom. It has been a privilege.



Fine Art by Jennifer said...

So cute!

Jennilyn said...

Happy Birthday--same birthday as Stewart, two years younger! I wonder how many 2nd cousin or removed generations have duplicate celebrations like this?! Cute pictures! You are all beautiful women!

Rachel said...

Seriously, Mother dear, this is an awesome post. Kellie has some awesome pictures. Loves!

Marianne said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful Kellie!! Love you ALL!!