Monday, March 8, 2010


Years ago a wise friend told me that every mom should get a lunch break whether she works out of the home or in the home. At that time I was an overwhelmed mother of young children and her words some how gave me permission to TRY to capture an hour or so every day for myself. It was a time to regroup and gear up for the afternoon. When my kids were very young the napping hour was obvious (if I could get them in sync.) As they grew older, nap time became "quiet time".

It was then I would escape to my room while the kids either napped, watched a video/DVD, or read. Usually I was exhausted and as soon as things quieted down, I was snoozing. There were days when "quiet time" failed miserably. Nevertheless, my catnapping days had begun.

There is a trick to an effective catnap (or power nap). They should last no longer than 20 minutes. The years have trained my body to automatically wake up after 10-20 minutes--any more than that and I am a mess for hours.

At 40-something I no longer have children at home during the napping hour. Yet, my occasional catnap is pure bliss. It makes me happy. It calms me. I am a better mom when my kids walk through the door at 3:13 pm.

Catnaps--gotta love 'em.


Jenny said...

I love the pictures of your cats! I finally got a nap in during the kids quiet time on Sunday and it was so wonderful.

Leanne said...

Usually the only day I can nap is on Sunday, but I really enjoy it then. You were asking about the sale. It's for employees of the company only. I get to go as my friends guest and shop also. Lucky Me!

Shannon said...

I am a firm believer in catnaps! They should be mandatory, especially if you're a mom.