Friday, February 5, 2010

Welcome Home!

My mom came home from her LDS mission last night. She served for 18 months as a missionary in the Europe Area Finance office in Frankfurt, Germany. Abby had a futsal game she could not miss so she made this poster welcoming grandma home.

Here we all are at the airport: Sister Berntsen (home from her mission to Germany), Aunt Jane, Mom, Cousin Steven, Kirk, Brian, Julie, and Travis.



Fine Art by Jennifer said...

How wonderful that she was able to have such amazing adventures and come home safely. I'm sure you've missed her!

Jennilyn said...

Thanks for blogging this! Family history good information! Looking at the photos it is clear to me that you guys are related--you and Kirk look like siblings, Travis looks more like your husband than I thought! And our moms! Definently sisters! Even Steven and Kirk have a family look.

Rachel said...

That really is an awesome poster.

Laura said...

Your mom is an amazing person! I know you are so proud of her! What a cute family!