Monday, February 22, 2010

Getting Old

Although I don't really have a problem acknowledging my age, one thing that has made me (us) feel old lately is the need for reading glasses. Brian had resisted going to the optometrist for several years, but finally a few months ago, he could put it off no longer. Reluctantly he went, and came home sheepishly sporting the Cary Grant look.

I have worn contacts for nearsightedness since college. I have glasses, and on rare occasions I will wear them "out and about." Usually, however, they are reserved for the intimacy of my home in the waxing and waning hours of the day. Vanity? Pride? Wary of change? Not sure, but I have loved my contacts.

Sadly, I too have noticed a bit of a strain as I have tried to read the caloric content of a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, for example. (Do you realize one pint contains 4 servings at 360 calories per serving? Yikes! Not good for a gal who can down it in one sitting.) If I have wanted to read for any length of time I have needed to take out my contacts or remove my glasses.

Enter the progressive lens--glasses on a visual continuum allowing one to see distance and up-close. Both Brian and I have recently accepted them into our lives. I am, however, very much attached to my contacts, and am experimenting with mono-vision. As I understand it, this is when my non dominant eye is fitted with a weaker contact lens prescription so it will do the reading and my dominant eye (still in the usual prescription) will do the distance viewing. I am not so sure I like it. Oh, what to do! (Dan, we need you in Provo.)

For now, Brian and I BOTH sport the Cary Grant look and feel a little bit old.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Soccer Mom

This past weekend we drove to St. George for the Ice Breaker soccer tournament for Abby's U12 Utah FC team.

As we drove south I realized that I have been a soccer mom for over 15 years. I had no idea when I signed Kellie up for FPYC soccer in Virginia when she was 5 that she would play at the collegiate level at a Division 1 school. At that time all I wanted to do was to find some outlet for her energy. Soccer has been a huge part of her life (and mine) ever since.

All four of my kids have played soccer at some point, but only Abby and Kellie kept it in their blood.

This picture was taken just after Abby headed the ball.

Abby's team won four of the five games they played this weekend. Sadly, they lost on Monday during the semi-final game.

I sometimes wish I had kept track of all the practices I drove to, all the games I watched in sweltering heat, freezing cold, rain, snow, and even hail.

How many water bottles have been lost on the side lines? What about all those stinky and sour grass-stained socks I turned right-side out before I threw them in the washer? How many collapsible chairs have we broken, repaired, then finally tossed? How many balls, cleats, shin guards, sleeves, shorts, jerseys?

Bruises, broken noses (two), pulled muscles, blisters, shin splints, painful heels, cleat marks, cuts, scratches, and every kind of scrape imaginable.

Deep heartache, utter joy, exhaustion, frustration, and elation.

"Do your very best." "Work hard." "Be mentally tough." "Leave it all on the field." "Just have fun."

At first I wasn't so sure about soccer dominating my life like it has, but so many lessons have been taught and learned and continue to be taught and learned for both the player and the parent. At 40-something I finally see that it will end before I am ready.

I am a soccer mom.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Me Being Crafty

I made this to hold all of Abby's flower hair accessories. My inspiration was found at a crafter's booth at The Quilted Bear. The ones I saw were pink and quite princess-like so I modified these to fit Abby's tastes. It was so easy and inexpensive. The soccer balls were pre-cut and painted and only 55 cents and I had a 50% off coupon for the ribbon. I used a hot glue gun to attach the soccer balls to the ribbon and ta da! My kind of craft.

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Red and Black Room

Since this blog is a photo journal of sorts I decided to include pictures of my red and black room. It has had me pondering and mulling and creating for well over a year. It all started with the black piano I inherited when my mom moved to Utah from Virginia. So many tender images and memories encircle this piano. It was my dad's.

The arrival of the piano gave me an excuse to change things up a bit in this room. At first all I suggested was a different sofa. Well . . . "feature creep" soon took over. (Brian introduced me to that term years ago, and, yes, I am pretty good at making it happen.)

Another explanation for this post is that I LOVE decorating/design books and magazines and, lately, blogs. I appreciate posts of interiors and live for the fresh ideas and photographs. Design is not my forte, hence the need to glean what I can from others. Rather than always "taking" I thought I would do a little sharing. I know I may need to tweak a few things in this room, but I promised Brian it is done for now. For now.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Welcome Home!

My mom came home from her LDS mission last night. She served for 18 months as a missionary in the Europe Area Finance office in Frankfurt, Germany. Abby had a futsal game she could not miss so she made this poster welcoming grandma home.

Here we all are at the airport: Sister Berntsen (home from her mission to Germany), Aunt Jane, Mom, Cousin Steven, Kirk, Brian, Julie, and Travis.