Sunday, January 31, 2010

Remodel (After)

The new master bath:

The new closet:

Remodel (Before)

Renee asked to see the "before and after" photos of our master bath remodel so I decided to post them here rather than send via email. This Fall we decided to expand our master bath/walk-in closet into the adjacent bedroom, and we really love the results. The above two pictures are of our old master bath.

This "before" photo shows the entrance to our walk-in closet on the left and the entrance to our 1980s peach-colored bathroom on the right.

Here is the "after" shot of the entrance to our new master bath.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Organ Lessons

January brought me a new responsibility (or "calling" as is said in my church) to be the assistant "ward" or congregational organist. Yes, I play the piano, but having grown up under the musical tutelage of one the of the most amazing organists ever--my dad--I know that you must do all you can to NOT play the organ like a piano. So. . . lessons have begun. Did you know you play the bass part with your feet on the pedals? This is quite the dance and I am feeling very uncoordinated.

Being my father's daughter I am determined to do my best and practice practice practice. I even bought real organ shoes!

Luckily, my debut isn't until the first Sunday in February and then it will be only once a month. Sadly, though, I must play the organ like a piano. The pedals still have the best of me. Maybe by March I can play ONE song like a real organist?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Something New

Since January has always been hailed as a month for new beginnings I am starting something new myself--this blog.

Meet Lyra--also something new (in our household at least). She is about 10 months old. We aren't exactly sure. It all started when a friend told us two orange kittens were discovered in a neighbor's garage and they needed a home. Since we will forever have a soft spot in our hearts for orange felines because of our beloved Niner who passed away this Fall we couldn't help mulling over the idea of possibly getting ANOTHER cat?!?! We didn't act soon enough on the kittens, but as Kellie was walking the aisles of the animal shelter Lyra just seemed to be THE ONE. I knew Brian was also under Lyra's spell when he called me from the shelter exclaiming how petite and adorable and sweet and cuddly she was. The cute little thing was snuggling on his shoulder purring and licking away. That was it. Meet Lyra. Something new.