Friday, August 29, 2014

Girls Camp at Heber Valley

Every summer our local Church congregation holds a five-day camp for young women age 12-17. This summer was my 8th year going as an adult leader and I have been blessed to always have at least one of my daughters there with me.
Abby is a true source of entertainment--especially at Girls Camp.
This year we spent the week at Camp Rebekah in the beautiful Heber Valley Camp.
The lake was perfect.
Heber Valley was replete with wildlife. One evening a buck plopped himself down in the brush just a few yards from our large pavilion and stayed there for quite some time.
A doe and her fawn could be seen almost every night.
Our very first morning we awoke to the loud blast of an air horn. A bear had been spotted in camp and everyone was to remain in their cabins until he was far far away. Groggily I sat up in bed and stared out the window by my bunk. Within seconds I saw a brown mass move amongst the blurry forest backdrop. Frantically I grabbed my glasses and there he was! He even stood up on his hind legs for a brief moment before he lumbered off into the trees. Amazingly, one of our camp cooks snapped this photo of him right after he had overturned a trash can. (My cabin is one of two hiding behind the cabin on the left.)
Even though it rained almost every day, Camp was a great success. Many faithful and dedicated women and young women made it happen.

Monday, August 25, 2014

First Year Med Student

A week before Travis left, Kellie and Brian flew to New York City to get Kellie settled into her new apartment at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.
(Kellie in Central Park)
This is what Kellie sees when she looks straight out her apartment window:
This is the view when she looks down:
This is Kellie's view when she walks out of her apartment building each morning--the tall brown building is where she has class every day:
 This is where she goes to church:

The Manhattan LDS Temple is about a 2.5 mile walk through Central Park from her apartment.
She took these photos from atop an apartment building adjacent to the Manhattan Temple:
(That tall brown building on the left across the park is her classroom building.)
Kellie is one brave soul to come to New York City all alone! I don't think I could have done it when I was her age. Classes started last week and she loves the exhilaration of learning so much in such a short period of time. She's already been in the anatomy lab doing dissections and what an emotionally challenging yet fascinating experience that has been.
She has explored the city on foot and on bike and even joined in on a pick-up soccer game one afternoon.
She was asked to play in a league game another night on Roosevelt Island under the lights. 
and rode the tram back home.
In a week and a half I fly to NYC for Kellie's Class of 2018 White Coat Ceremony. I'm excited to get a first hand view of her life for the next four years. We miss her so much, but know this is where she needs and wants to be.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

He is now a Mormon missionary.

What a summer we have had! It has been a summer of change for our family. The latest is that Travis is now a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Travis with his two grandmothers
Travis with his sister, Abby
In the wee hours of the morning last Wednesday (August 13) we dropped him off at the airport en route to the Mexico City Missionary Training Center. I was surprised at how tough it was to say goodbye. I will miss him so!
Off he goes!

Friday, June 27, 2014


A month ago Travis graduated from Timpview High School. He graduated with honors (gold cords) and with a Regents' Scholarship (medal). 
Travis and I
There is no question who is taller now.
Travis and Brian
Look! They really do love each other.
Abby and Travis
Even though high school was officially over, track would continue for Travis for a week or two. After his impressive performance at the decathlon at BYU, Travis was invited to compete at the Great Southwest Track and Field Classic in New Mexico.
He was amazing--PR'd (set a personal record) in six events and came in 6th overall.
Travis just keeps getting better and better. No wonder he received this award at the track banquet this year.
Kellie and Brian cheered him on in New Mexico. They took the "scenic route" home and drove through the Petrified Forest.
Kellie and Travis
Kellie and a petrified log
Atop windy Navajo Bridge on Route 89A in Arizona
There are lots of changes happening in Travis' life right now. Next step . . . preparing to leave in August for his LDS Mission.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dear Rachel (#21)

Dear Rachel,

It's been a while since I've written a blog letter, and I have a few things to share to catch you up on the last couple months. First, guess who is behind the wheel now and practicing her skills?
Your dad has been a most patient teacher, although I did let Abby drive me to her soccer practice in Mapleton one afternoon. We both agreed that we wouldn't do that again for a good long while.
Speaking of teen drivers, did you see what one did to your dad's car?
Oh, he was so sad to have to let this car go! It served his mid-life crisis well, but secretly, I am glad I won't have to experience any more g-forces whenever we make hairpin turns. This accident happened as we were returning Travis' tuxedo the Monday after Senior Prom.
He had a great time. Brontë was easy to talk to and a really fun date.
Do you recognize a few other people in this photo? Once upon a time three of them were preschoolers who used to play at our house those many years ago.
High School Track has come to a close. Travis came in third place in our Region in both the 100 m and the 200 m.
Look at what Grandma W. crocheted me for my birthday. I love it! I spread it out on my bed for the photo, but it is the perfect over-sized throw for me to snuggle under, and the colors are exactly what I wanted.
For Mother's Day (or my second birthday as Kellie likes to call it since it is always so close to April 25) Abby gave me a rose she made in her Metals class. I think she did an incredible job.
Our curtain of wisteria was stunning again this year. I'm sure it is nothing like the prolific Atlanta blooms you get to see, but I love it just the same.

I love you and David too! Happy May!