Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Elder Woodfield has been serving in Mulchén, Chile as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since the end of February.
His companion is Elder P. from Argentina. They have been together for more than three months now.
(Travis and his companion at Enrigueta's baptism.)
Mulchén is a beautiful place.
Travis always finds feline friends.
 Winter began to kick in the beginning of May.

(Travis' Zone?)
(Travis' District?)
(Teresa's Baptism)
 In Travis' words:

"I really love my time here in Mulchén. There are people here that I feel like I was meant to find. The more my mission comes to a close the more I want it to go longer. I really love serving here."

"How great a work is the work of preaching the Gospel whether it be in a family or on the street."

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Monte Aguila

While Elder Woodfield was serving in Cabrero he also spent several days a week serving in neighboring Monte Aguila. Before he left the area his Mission President charged him and his companion to find a new place for the Elders to live. The Sister Missionaries would now live in Cabrero and the Elders in Monte Aguila. They were successful in finding a home where they could also meet for Church. The Church members in Monte Aguila were especially excited about this. Eventually the building would be painted, etc., but here are some photos from (what I can guess) is the first Sacrament Meeting in the building.

 Travis loved the dear people of Monte Aguila and Cabrero.
However, after spending a little over five months in this area, it was time to be transferred. On to Mulchén!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Baptism in a Pool

Once of the first things that Travis and his new companion, Elder K. from Salt Lake City, got to experience together was M.'s baptism.
M. is a truly remarkable young man who was ready and eager to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ into his life. He was baptized in a backyard swimming pool belonging to one of the Church members there.
Travis was able to Skype with us on Christmas day from the same family's home and enjoyed a delicious barbecue to celebrate the day.
This is where Travis and his companion live. They even decorated a bit for Christmas.
Travis can always be counted on to send home photos of soccer fields and other things he knows we love.
If his shoes are any indication, he's been working very hard these past 18 months!
Travis has really enjoyed training and teaching Elder K. They've had a great time together and seen many miracles.
For the last photo of this post, here are all the missionaries in the Chile Concepción South Mission as of December 2015. I always know to look for Travis in the back row, and there he is--tallest Elder in the middle. Love him so!

Friday, December 4, 2015


For the past three months Elder Woodfield has been serving as a missionary in Cabrero, Chile and its neighboring town of Monte Aquila. This sign says it best. He and his companion have truly been "working machines."
As winter ended in the southern hemisphere Travis and Elder O. (from Brazil) have walked the streets and footpaths of these towns through biting cold, pouring rain, and the blazing afternoon sun of a Chilean spring.

He's served and loved and learned from the beautiful people here.
Of course, being Travis, he sends home numerous photos of food.

He may be a working machine, but every once in a while, on P-days, he and the other missionaries can play a little--be it on a fútbol field, a snowy volcano, or by a waterfall.
Travis turned 20 last month, and like a true adult he spent the day working. He did, however, buy a Chilean apple pie to celebrate with his companion. (Yes, that candle is a Q-tip.)
My mother-heart is comforted to know that he is happy and finding joy in his service and sacrifice.  I am grateful for his personal growth and spiritual journey to truly know God and that he finds simple pleasures along the way.
After twelve weeks together Elder O. has been transferred to a different city and Elder Woodfield will be TRAINING his next companion--a brand new missionary fresh from the Missionary Training Center. On to the next adventure!